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In this increasingly complex world, a financial professional makes sense to assist in the divorce process. Whether you choose a negotiated settlement through collaboration or mediation, or the traditional divorce model, we can help. 

We offer a complimentary initial 20-minute consultation to help you understand the divorce process, financial disclosure requirements, and options available.

Financial Divorce Specialists do not provide legal advice, therefore all clients are encouraged to seek independent legal advice. 

Separation Assistance

Meetings focus on: 

  • Helping you prioritize financial interests and establish goals
  • Assisting with data collection
  • Preparation of draft financial statements
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Helping to improve your financial knowledge 
  • Review of retirement plans, pensions, investments, insurance and debt
  • Net Family Property statements
  • Preparing projections of settlement proposals, presenting alternative options, and reviewing implications of each


Collaborative Team

As part of the collaborative team, a Financial Divorce Specialist acts as a neutral party, assisting both spouses, along with the Legal and family professionals.

Adding a financial professional makes sense when:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with addressing your finances
  • You would like to get your financial documents in order prior to initiating the legal process
  • Financial affairs are complex or unorganized
  • Emotions are riding high and may force decision-making
  • One spouse is more financially savvy

Post-Divorce Services

Provide expert guidance for your future financial affairs:

  • Assist with transfer of registered assets
  • Review life insurance needs
  • Source new mortgage and credit facilities
  • Make appropriate professional referrals for tax, financial and investment advisors
  • Provide follow-up to ensure implementation of financial decisions

Other Services

  • Financial Disclosure documentation for Co-Habitation and Pre Nuptial Agreements.
  • Financial statement preparation for those self-representing themselves.

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