Collaborative Financial Divorce and Separation Services

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Separation assistance

What you can expect:

  • Preparation of 13.1 Financial Statements and Net Family Property Statements
  • Co-mediation of financial issues and Mediator referrals
  • Child and spousal support estimates
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Income and expense summaries
  • Financial disclosure collection and organization
  • Arrangements for pension and real estate valuations
  • Analysis and review of settlement proposals and their long-term implications
  • Co-ordination of other professionals and appropriate introductions – Mortgage brokers, accountants, estate lawyers, investment and insurance advisors, benefits specialists
  • Referrals to settlement focused family lawyers who work well together
  • Help in improving your financial knowledge
  • Review of retirement plans, pensions, investments, insurance, and debt
  • Help in prioritizing financial interests and establishing goals

Documents are collected via a secure portal ensuring the safety and privacy of your financial information. Streamlined Flat-Fee Collaborative and service packages available for qualifying clients. Video conferencing available throughout Ontario.

Bridge over maze

Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Process is a team-based approach that focuses on client empowerment and incorporates techniques to overcome conflict. When you are emotionally well equipped to deal with the issues of divorce, you can make better decisions. Preserve your privacy and dignity by resolving your disputes respectfully. Protect the well-being of your children through minimization of conflict. Focus on problem solving with interest-based negotiations.

As part of the collaborative team, a Financial Divorce Specialist acts as a neutral party, assisting both spouses, along with the Legal and Family professionals.

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Other Services

  • Completion of CRA Documents: CPP Credit Split Application, Change in Marital Status, CCB Applications
  • Assist with transfer of registered assets
  • Life insurance needs analysis for support purposes
  • Appropriate professional referrals for tax, financial and legal advisors
  • Follow-up to ensure implementation of financial decisions
  • Financial Disclosure documentation for Co-Habitation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Financial statement preparation for those self-representing themselves

Please feel free to contact Terri for a complimentary initial consultation to review your personal situation and find out more about her services. Video conferencing, telephone, and in-person services available.