Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Process focuses on client empowerment and incorporates techniques to overcome conflict.

When you are emotionally well equipped to deal with the issues of divorce, you are able to make better decisions. Preserve your privacy and dignity by resolving your disputes respectfully. Protect the well-being of your children through minimization of conflict. Focus on problem solving with interest based negotiations.


Collaborative Practice is committed to a principled, negotiated settlement without the threat or use of court action. Full financial disclosure and open communication are keys to successful resolutions. You and your partner work with collaborataive professionals to reach an agreement on issues relevant to you.

Bridge over maze

In spite of the inclusion of more professionals on the team, collaborative divorce tends to be less expensive than the traditional adversarial model. Having a lawyer, family health professional, and financial planner bring their expertise to the table results in a more focused and efficient process and a democratic and fair outcome. When respect is present, discussions are more productive and an agreement can be reached more easily.

Puzzle solved

Family professionals focus on parenting plans, helping families maintain healthy relationships, and ensuring the children’s needs are met. Lawyers provide legal guidance and advice to ensure you feel informed and confident in making decisions and reaching agreements. Financial professionals provide unbiased information and assistance and help you reach a fiscally responsible settlement.Their role is to document and collect the family financial information and draft financial statements.

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