“Divorce is one of life’s most challenging events. It is my goal to bring some much needed perspective and sensibility to the process, with a high level of empathy.”


My Approach & Values

To me, education and awareness are key to ensure clients have the information they need to make informed decisions. Ultimately, clients wish to feel their settlement outcomes are fair and equitable.

Assessing your proposals and options, and their long-term implications, will greatly assist in providing peace of mind. I maintain a wide network of financial and legal professionals should a referral be required, or to assist in creating an integrated plan for your personal situation. 

My Experience

  • Over 25 years in the financial services industry in banking and Wealth Management fields

My Education

  • Graduate of the University of Western Ontario, with a degree in Financial Studies, 
  • Financial Management Advisor (FMA)
  • Personal Financial Planner (PFP)
  • Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)
  • Retirement Strategy Certificate

    Affiliations / Memberships

    • Collaborative Practice Toronto
    • Collaborative Practice Simcoe County
    • Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists 
    • Toronto Board of Trade

Terri McDougall

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

Dealing with the financial issues in a separation and divorce can be emotional, stressful and sometimes confusing. The financial resources of a family are stretched after a separation. The key to transitioning to a sensible and secure financial future is information, understanding, support and focus.

Terri McDougall has a passion for working with clients in transition, and takes a personal interest in ensuring clients maintain respectful relationships in the best interests of their family.

Her goal is to assist couples in getting through a difficult and emotional time, efficiently and productively, while bringing some sensibility and perspective to the process. Terri helps her clients focus so they can navigate through the financial uncertainty of a separation.

When working in the collaborative process, Terri assists couples with gathering and organizing their financial information in a timely manner and, just as importantly, helps make sense of it all. Where appropriate, she will communicate with your financial advisor or accountant to streamline the process.

Terri reviews settlement options and proposals to help clients evaluate the long-term implications and effect on their present and future well-being. Education, information and understanding are key to making good decisions. She uses these tools to helps bring focus and closure to the financial issues.

Terri helps clients increase their comfort level with regards to financial planning, budgeting, insurance, and investments and can make appropriate referrals and introductions to ensure all needs are addressed post divorce. She has a unique ability in leading the discovery process and asking the right questions to help with establishing goals. With personal and lived experience, she brings an increased level of empathy and understanding to the separation process.

A CFDS provides a unique set of skills, providing a much more detailed and focused approach to addressing needs in a separation than a traditional financial advisor. She has built a network of trusted colleagues throughout the financial industry should a specialist be required to assist.

Terri is a member of Collaborative Practice Toronto and Collaborative Practice Simcoe County.

Please feel free to contact Terri for a complimentary initial consultation to review your personal situation and find out more about her services.

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