A More Sensible Divorce

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The Collaborative Process focuses on client empowerment and incorporates techniques to overcome conflict.  When you are emotionally well equipped to deal with the issues of divorce, you are able to make better decisions.


In Canada, the legal system has been designed to protect all parties in the event of divorce. Here are a number of links to resources that you may find beneficial and help you become better informed and educated on what to expect.

Hello! I’m Terri

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

Dealing with the financial issues in a separation and divorce can be emotional, stressful and sometimes confusing. The financial resources of a family are stretched after a separation. The key to transitioning to a sensible and secure financial future is information, understanding, support and focus.

"Terri was quick and efficient, and we worked together to analyze the best approach for mediation/arbitration. Terri is an experienced professional and critical thinker with extensive financial expertise. And she understands the emotion as well as the business issues in a divorce situation.

Jessica & Ron - Couple: Age 34 & 38

"I give huge credit to your work with my financial statement, I really believe that it was your work that got this never ending ridiculousness settled. Well calculated numbers with organized and concise backup documentation clinched the deal. I am forever in your debt!"

PJV, Toronto

"...Terri was invaluable to me during this process. I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce as well as to anyone contemplating entering into marriage. I wish I had known the significant legal and financial consequences of marriage beforehand. If I had, I certainly would have leveraged Terri’s guidance to structure the financial aspects differently. "

B, Markham

Thank you so much for your support and calm during this challenging time. I really appreciate you helping me talk through this financial complexities with a human feel.

AB, Toronto